Monday, May 19, 2008

Void Rose - Religion

The issue of religion in Void Rose:

I was thinking that the religious beliefs of the (Agafiya) and the Javed are similar. These would be some sort of Taoist style "Way" religion which is more an approach to the world as it is, rather than a religion in the western sense.

The Agafiya 's version of the Way is the New Age hippy version. Personal Development, Harmony with the world and all that. Adepts and Arcana reflects this. Dislike of Sorcery per Blue Rose, because it goes against the natural order of the world.

The Javed version reflects a more sinister side of the Way, reflecting a desire to master and twist the natural order of things according to one's selfish desires. It utilises sorcery, and was responsible for the cornucopia of cataclysmic events that destroyed most of the planets. Most of its adherents are evil sorcerers and undead lich-king monsters.

For the Resheph, they do have a more traditional western point of view, with a patriarchal, messianic religion based around a god represented most commonly as a living flame, but which has quite a few anthropomorphic characteristics. Possibly the living flame being appeared to save them from the disasters caused by the Javed.

I am considering a splinter-sect of the Resheph, possibly incorporating elements from the Agafiyan 'Way', possibly a more deist approach to their religion in which the nature of things is an embodiment of the living flame.

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